About Us

About Us

I have been running this blog site “Imtiaz Shuvo” since December 2019. It is currently a very popular blog / website / online life magazine. The site is full of lifestyle, cricket, tech, science and contemporary content and readers of any age will be able to read and understand it effortlessly. There are very few websites or online blogs or magazines in Bangladesh that produce high quality content related to technology and lifestyle in detail. Through this blog it is hoped that every internet connected person and especially technology lovers will be able to meet the knowledge transfer needs.

This blog / website has medium and large type articles discussing various topics related to technology, sports, books, movies in detail. In particular, various historical events of cricket, reviews of various educational books or the pros and cons of various tech topics are discussed through reviews. Again, every piece of content on this site is completely safe for readers of any age, no offensive content such as- (dirty photographs, violence, offensive language, harmful activities, sexual material) is discussed here.

This blog does not directly promote any product or service. Most of the links that are made from outside this blog are in those cases official content related to those links, and those links will never hurt. If there is any affiliate link or referral link in this blog, it is always mentioned. With that in mind, we never store or sell any reader personal information. The email address of the reader who entered the comment is kept secret. However, any link published in the comment must be entered at your own risk. Imtiaz does not accept the responsibility of blog comment links.

Since 2015, I have been involved in technology, computing and sports. I always start reading about technology and gaining knowledge in various ways. There was also a special tendency towards computing. Then I started posting blogs from 2016. After so many years of technology practice and writing, I think I know a little bit about technology, and I want to share this knowledge with people in my nation and my language. The terms technology and science are very confusing, which is very difficult for people in my language to understand, so this blog started with the aim of making it easier to present contemporary issues including technology, science, sports.

We have observed many Bengali web blogs / websites which lack a lot of content quality, we try to give quality content to my language speakers through this blog. Many third party websites have been used to create this content, but no information is published here without 100% verification.

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